Tantra massage london

Tantra massage London, the art of living life

Tantric massage LondonTantra  Massage London (Sanskrit:Method,Technique,Loom) is a word that is used in the Western world almost exclusively for a path to fulfillment that involves sexual intimacy.

According to the Psychologist Sigmiund Freud, sexual hangups make up a large portion of human unhappines.

Tantra is geared to overcome such hangups and furthermore it makes use of the generated energy by moving it to a place in our nervous system that supports the awakening to our innate fullness of life. This fullness has many names, but in most cases, these names tend to come across as being unrealistic, imagined, ‘too big to be true.’

Let’s list some these words: ‘The Kingdom of God within us’, Higher Self, Devine, Infinity, Timelessness, Divinde Presence, Nirvana, Atman, Tao.

To help this awakening, sexual energy is spread throughout the physical body and it is moved into two places that are sometimes referred to as the ‘third eye’ and the ‘thousand petalled lotus’.

Through repeated practise, our nervous system becomes more and more attuned to the ever-present fullness of life. Our neurotic blockages will decrease and in its place we will find a nervous system that allows the free flow of our Spitrit (yet another name for the same essence of life) to expess itself through our body, feelings and thoughts.

Intimate relationships benefit immensely from this. Not only will they reach extreme hights of ecstasy but they will be upgraded to most beautiful dances of the Divine in us, in contrast to just satisfying some sexual hunger.

This sexual hunger is built into our nature, and it is welcome as such. Then, the upgrading happens…

For men, suffering from premature ejaculation, the first thing would be to rectify this. Consider the training that is offered below.

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